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Se7en Days

Se7en Days

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SE7EN DAYS is the story of Miles and Simone. Getting married in a few months, after ten years together. She's a passionate music teacher with an affinity for poetry, jazz and home-cookinig. He's a website designer with an iPod full of rap, a fascination for techno-gadgets and the libido of a teenager. Simone's an Alabama girl with traditional Southern values and a sincere desire to take care of house and home. Miles is a Philly native who inherited philandering ways from his father. She's never been with anyone but Miles. He's never been faithful in his life. Yet, these "opposites" have turned a college romance into a courtship that has lasted a decade... ...Until Simone's best friend comes to stay for the summer (to help plan the wedding), and brings along something that jeopardizes the love, lives and friendships of everyone near and dear. What follows is a high-velocity roller coaster of PASSION. Along the way, as the line between LOVE and LUST grows blurry, SECRETS are exposed, inhibitions are tested to the brink of shattering and lives are forever altered.
By: Allo, Dee | Type: Softback

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